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Flashlight Accessories

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1-3W Aluminium Alloy Lamp Bead Base Plate 3.2-3.4V

Description: Size: 1.5*0.5cm Material: Aluminium alloy Weight: 1g Applicative Voltage:..

37 SEK

1.5x6mm Trit Vials for DQG SPY DQG Fairy LED Flashlight

Specification: Product name: 1.5x6mm Trit Vials Dimenstion:1.5mmx6mm Materila: Trit Co..

150 SEK

10pcs 18650 Plastic Battery Tubes 6cm For 18650 Flashlight

Features: Suitable for 1x 18650 battery The tube can be fixed at 18650 flashlight insi..

69 SEK

10Pcs 3x AAA Adapter Plastic Battery Holder Case Box

Specification: Material: Plastic and metal Hold 3 standard AAA batteries Length: appro..

85 SEK

15 Degrees CREE XRE/XRC LED Series Lens 16mm

Specifications: Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Diameter:15.5mm Height:10.3mmpackage in..

44 SEK

16cm x 26cm Camouflage LED Flashlight Nylon Bag Holder

Specification: 100% brand new and high quality Made up of good quality fabric Pro..

53 SEK

16mm Cree XM-L T6 885LM LED Emitter 6000K White Light(3.0~3.5V)

Specifications:Bulb type: XM-L T6885 Lumen outputWorking voltage: 3.0~3.5VColor: White..

115 SEK

16mm CREE XPE Q5 7000K 228lm LED Emitter 3.7V

Specifications: Cree Q5 emitter Cree Flux/Color BIN: Q5 3.7V typical driving volt..

79 SEK

16MM CREE XPG R5 7000K 350Lm White Flashlight Emitter

Specifications: Emitter Brand: CREE Emitter Model: XP..

85 SEK

16mm CREE XPG2 R5 7000K 450lm White Flashlight Emitter

Specifications: Emitter Brand: CREE Emitter Model: XP..

111 SEK

16mm Cree XRE-Q5 235LM 6300K LED White Light Emitter (3.2V/1000mA)

Specifications:Chip Manufracturer: CreeEmitter type: XR-E Q5235Lumen outputWorking vol..

68 SEK

17MM 7135*3 3Modes 1050mAh Circuit Board for Q5 R2 R5

Specification: Product name: 7135*3 1050mAh Circuit Board Constant current:1050ma Size..

68 SEK

17mm 7135x3 AK47A MCU Dimming 1000mAh 5Mode LED Circuit Board

Specifications:Product name: 7135x3 AK47A Circuit BoardModel:AK47Size: Board diameter:..

65 SEK

18650 Battery Extension Tube For Convoy L4 LED Flashlight

Specification: Product name:18650 Battery Extension Tube Brand:Convoy Cpmpatible for C..

105 SEK

1A Battery 7135*3 Single Lithium Drive Board For Flashlights

Specifications: Name:Single Lithium Drive Board Size:16-17mm(Edge can be ground) Outpu..

49 SEK

20 Degree CREE XPE/XPG Series Flat Lens LED 11.8mm

Specification Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Lens Degree:20degree Diameter:11.8mm Hei..

44 SEK

20mm Copper Base PCB Heat Sink For CREE XM-L XML-2 XHP50 XHP70

Specification: Product name: 20mm Copper Base PCB Base Metal type: copper Direct Therm..

61 SEK

20mm CREE XM-L U2 1100Lm 5000K LED Board Cool White Emitter(3.7V)

Specifications: Maximum drive current: 3000 mA Low thermal resistance: 2.5°C/W  M..

116 SEK

20mm CREE XML-T6 900-Lumen 6700K White Light Emitter(3.0~3.5V)

Specifications:Bulb type:Cree  XM-L T6900 Lumen outputWorking voltage: 3.0~3.5VColor: ..

117 SEK

20mm CREE XPE Q5 7000K 228Lm LED Flashlight Emitter

Specifications: Cree Q5 emitter Cree Flux/Color BIN: Q5 3.7V typical driving voltage..

79 SEK

20MM CREE XPG R5 7000K 350Lm White Flashlight Emitter

Specifications: Emitter Brand: CREE Emitter Model: XP..

85 SEK

20MM CREE XPG2 R5 7000K 450lm White Flashlight Emitter

Specifications: Emitter Brand: CREE Emitter Model: XP..

111 SEK

24 Degree COB Series Plaid Texture LED Lens 45mm

Specification: Diameter : 44.6mm Inner Round diameter : 40.4mm Height : 23.8mm I..

77 SEK

25.4mm Flashlight Scope Ring Hole Mount Bracket Black 2 Pcs

Specification: Product name:  25.4mm Flashlight Mount Bracket Material: Aluminum Alloy..

85 SEK

25.4mm Scope Rings For Picatinny Weaver Rail Mount Black 2pcs

Specification: 100% brand new and high quality Fit for 20mm Picatinny Weaver Rail ..

100 SEK

25mm Flashlight Torch Rifle Scope Mount Weaver 20mm Picatinny Rail

Features: 100% Brand New Color: Matte Black Material: Alloy Metal Size:  30mm(W) X 72m..

107 SEK

25mm Ring Converter Barrel Mount Flashlight Scope Mount

Specification: Product name: 25mm Flashlight Scope Mount Material: Aluminum Ring Diame..

85 SEK

30 Degree CREE XRE/XRC LED Series Lens With White Holder

Specifications: Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Lens degree:30degree Diameter:23.3mm H..

44 SEK

3W White Round COB LED SMD Chip Lamp 6000-6500k 28mm

Specification: Product name: 3W White COB LED SMD Chip Type: COB LED Power: 3W Voltage..

37 SEK

50g High quality Grease lubricating Oil for Flashlight

Specification: Product:Grease lubricating Oil for flashlight Type:box-packed Weig..

74 SEK

60 Degree CREE XRE/XRC LED Frosting Lens With Holder

Specification Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Angle:60degree Diameter:21mm Height:11.2..

44 SEK

60 Degrees CREE XRE/XRC LED Bead Surface Lens 11.8mm

Specification Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Lens Degree:60 degree Diameter:11.8mm He..

44 SEK

60 Degrees CREE XRE/XRC LED Series Lens 20mm

Specifications: Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Diameter:20mm Height:12mmpackage includ..

44 SEK

7135 Two Sides Gold Plated Driver Board (Diameter 20mm)

Specification: weight: 0.2 oz Diameter: 20mm Thickness:1.7mm Material: two sides gold ..

37 SEK

8 Degree CREE Condensing LED Lens With Holder 23.3mm

Specifications: Brand:CREE Material:PMMA Light Angle:8degree Diameter: 23.3mm H..

44 SEK

AK47-Mode 1050mA Electric Circuit Board For Flashlights

Specification: Model:AK47 weight: 0.2 oz Diameter: 17mm Thickness:3.3mm Constant curre..

65 SEK

AK47-Mode Circuit Board 7135*4 Dimmmer Circuit For Flashlights

  Specifications: Size: 17mm*1.7mm*3.3mm Input voltage: 3-4.5v Output current: 1400MA Suitable for:..

69 SEK

AK47-Mode Circuit Board With Memory Function For Flashlights

Specifications: Model:AK47 Size:17mm*1.7mm*1.6mm Input voltage:3.0v-4.2v Current:2.1A ..

69 SEK

AK47C-Mode Circuit Board Without Memory Function For Flashlights

  Specification: Model: AK47C weight: 0.2 oz Diameter: 17mm Thickness:1.5mm Constant current:1050ma..

57 SEK

Aluminum Alloy AR Picatinny Quad Rail Gas Block Mount Barrel

Specification: Material:Aluminum Alloy Color: Black Length:Approx.46mm Diameter: Appro..

182 SEK

ARCHON Z06 Diving Flashlight Photography Both Slot Holder

Specification:Brand Name: ARCHONModel Number: Z06 Material: Air-grade aluminum Sur..

2,463 SEK

ARCHON Z07 Diving Flashlight Photography Single Slot Holder Mount

Specification:Brand Name: ARCHONModel Number: Z07 Material: Air-grade aluminum Sur..

967 SEK

ARCHON Z08 Gopro Diving Flashlight Photography Both Slot Holder

Specification:Brand Name: ARCHONModel Number: Z08 Material: Air-grade aluminum Surface..

1,673 SEK

Black Plastic Flashlight Tool Storage Case Box For Outdoor

Features: Made of plastic material, lightweight With hand strap ,convenient to carry T..

77 SEK

Black Rifle Tactical 5 Position Flashlight Laser Mount Picatinny

Specification: Color: Black Size: 70(L) x 20(W) x 55(H)mm Mount Diameter: 1" / 20mm We..

121 SEK

BLF Special Edition X6 LED Flashlight Body Shell Host

Specification: Product name: BLF Special Edition X6 Host Materia: Aviation aluminum Co..

294 SEK

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