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DescriptionThe ceramic heating soaks is one kind of infrared sources,has one kind of similar natural sunlight heat radiation. The radiator produces the long wave infrared heat radiaton can effectively the warm reptilia animal. Has promoted in the rearing tray temperature. Infrared hot may penetra..
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Feature: ●The new improvements to the traditional tungsten halogen core.●More durable than tungsten burning before life.●UVA lamp simulates natural sunlight spectrum UVA rays lamps.●It can provide an environment for reptiles point temperature poly hot sun.●Increase the temperature of the skin surfac..
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  Feature:●High quality, brand new and durable.●Easy to use, simply plug it in and off you go.●The Mat then heats the glass, which heats the sand so you can rely on it to provide the precious warmth for your reptile to lay  on.●Heat Mats distributes Heat evenly to the substrate surface. ●Their shape..
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Feature: ●High quality, brand new and durable. ●Easy to use, simply plug it in and off you go. ●The Mat then heats the glass, which heats the sand so you can rely on it to provide the precious warmth for your reptile     to lay on. ●Heat Mats distributes Heat evenly to the substrate surface.  ●Their..
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  Feature: ●High quality, brand new and durable. ●Easy to use, simply plug it in and off you go. ●The Mat then heats the glass, which heats the sand so you can rely on it to provide the precious warmth for your reptile    to lay on. ●Heat Mats distributes Heat evenly to the substrate surface.  ●Thei..
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Adjustable Temperature Pet Fish Aquarium Heating Mat  Pad Description: Power:14 Watt 220/240vThis mat is suit for fish,snake,reptile and reptile amphibians.This Heat Mat is easy to use, simply plug it in and off you go. The Mat then heats the glass, which heats the sand so you can rely on it to prov..
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Feature: ●This heat emitter bulb is the perfect 24 hour heat source for all reptiles. These heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket, giving off intense light.●The flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat intern..
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Feature: ● A unique basking platform that floats at water level. The Reptology Turtle Pier has support pylons that suction to the bottom of   the tank to keep it in place. As the water rises, so does the floating pier● For small to medium sized turtles, frogs, newts, and salamanders. Fits small and ..
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Feature: ●This black ceramic heat emitter bulb is the perfect 24 hour heat source for all reptiles. These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket, giving off intense muscle-penetrating infrared heat while emitting no light.●The flat-faced design is more efficien..
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Feature: ●Ceramic lamp head has high temperature resistance and safety, can be clamped and hung, convenient and economical.●With an appropriate clamp light holder, you can install ceramic heater, UVA, UVB, infrared heater and so on, easy to use.●Security and stability, the quality is guaranteed.●All..
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Here is the video shows.Feature:●Fits most of tank and easy to assemble. ●Textured E-Z Slide Ramp allows for easy access to the basking platform.●With Suction Cup Hoders.Product Attributes: Material:Plastic Color: As the picture shown Quantity: 1 Pcs Size: 18.5 x 15 x 14.5 cm / 7.28  x 5.91 x 5.71 ..
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Feature: ● A Basking Platform Can Be Floated at Water Leval.● Provides A More Nature Environment for Aquatc Pets. ● Make Rooms for Fish. ● With Suctions to Stablize.Product Attributes: Material: Plastic Color: As the picture shown.Quantity: 1 PcsPackage Include: 1 x Triangle Turtle Floating Platfor..
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Here is the video shows.Feature: ●Access door allows UVB penetration ●Access ramp with maximum water level indicator ●Features a basking platform and underwater resting platform ●Adjustable suction cup holders for secure positioning ●This basking platform fits most rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons..
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