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Description:1 Pack includes 100 pieces Non-woven Fabric Dust Caps.Disposable,dustproof,suitable for bath,house cleaning or medical and industries. Features&details:Material: Non-woven fabricColor: WhiteSize: Average Package Included: 1pack X 100 Pcs White Non-woven F..
140 SEK
Description:It can be used to protect your indoor carpeting and floors from the dirt of outside. It also can be used as raincoat of your shoes. Makes the shoes keep dry and warm, even in the rain. Resist the water, dirt and mud. One size fit most.Disposable.Features&details:Size: as show in the pict..
148 SEK
Description : 10PCS Natural Wardrobe Dehumidification Aromatherapy Sachet Bags This is 10PCS a set Natural aromatherapy sachet bags, which has difference cent for choice, such as Lemon, Rose, Ocean, etc Made of the natural flower and fruit, It is a perfect natural air fresheners, give you a good moo..
109 SEK
Description : 10PCS Natural  Wardrobe Dehumidification Aromatherapy Sachet Perfume Satchel Bags This is 10PCS a set Natural aromatherapy sachet bags, which has difference cent for choice, such as Lily, Rose, Ocean, etc Made of the flower and fruit fragrant granule, It is a perfect natural air freshe..
112 SEK
Description :12Pcs Waxing Polish Car Washing Foam Sponge Applicator Pad This is 12Pcs a set New Brand and High quality Sponge, which is perfect for Car Washing, Waxing, trim dressing, polish, tyre dressing, and other cleaning work. Two sides of this sponge can be used easily and stable property, har..
89 SEK
 Description :150pcs Eco-Friendly silica gel drying agent desiccant Moistureproof  BagsThis 150PCS a set silica gel drying agent, which is eco-friendly  have also have a wide range of application in lifestyle.Function : Deodorization, such as shoe deodorant ;  Moistureproof, such as texti..
156 SEK
Description :   2PCS Activated Carbon Interior Closet Clothes Desiccant Moisture Absorption Mildew Proof Boxes This is 2PCS a set Activated Carbon Desiccant Box, which is used  to Moistureproof, Deodorization, Dehumidification. With some Activated Carbon particulate matter inside the box, it has the..
194 SEK
Description: Easy to operate, safe and dependable To unblock sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, hairdressers shops, canteens Without the use of harmful chemicals Eliminates the need for expensive dredge foremanFeatures & details: Material: Plastic Size: Lenght 70mm Color: Randomly shipping Weight: About ..
113 SEK
Description: The magic Sponge Clean Block instantly removes stains without detergent. You can cut the shape you like.It simply makes dirt disappear and brings lots of conveniences to you. The extreme sponge stain removing power is unstoppable.This product apply for almost any surface.Wallpaper, p..
61 SEK
Description :2Pcs Silica Gel Desiccant Humidity Moisture Absorb BoxBrand new and high quality. Widely used in precision instruments, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicines and household appliances. Can be placed in closets, coat or sweater inside the box to prevent mildew, etc. Can be used to ..
132 SEK
Description : 3pcs Hanging Wardrobe Drying Tide Clothes Moisture Mold Desiccant Dehumidification Bags This is 3PCS  a set Hanging Wardrobe Drying Bags, whch is perfect for Dehumidification. Made of activated carbon, it is a good helper for Dehumidification, each piece of bags can absorb 200g water f..
185 SEK
Description :56cm Microfiber Magic Anti Static Cleaning Feather Duster Brand new and high quality, Easy to use and handy to store, Picks up dust and small particles and clean them easily :)Sepecification : Material : Microfiber Color : Show as the pictures Length : Approx. 56cm weight : Approx. 55g..
89 SEK
Descriptions: This is a 5 pieces brush set used for cleaning tobacco pipes.   Made of stainless steel wiring and tough nylon brushes.   Flexible enough to reach around the toughest spots.   The bristles are strong enough to scrub out the most stubborn burned in stains. 5 pieces set with different si..
104 SEK
Description: Beautiful and colorful. Thickening and can load about 8 kgs. Environmental protection, easy to use.Features & details: Name: 6 Colors Thickening High Quality Points Off Colorized Garbage Bag Material: PE Size: 50*45*90cm Color: Yellow, pink,blue,red,black,greenPackage Include: 1 x Garba..
97 SEK
Description :85CM Twin Draft Guard Door Window Air Dust Stopper Energy-saving This is a 85CM Twin Draft Door Window Guard , a great air dust stopper in your home. Using on interior or exterior doors and windows.Reducing heating, cooling costs, saving enregy, even reduce dust and odors, Double side..
140 SEK
Description: Easily clean the window Blind, very convenient There two set for changing, when the cloth become dirty simply change for another one The handle has three arch spines that enable you to clean places that you usually find hard to reach with a lot less effort and will not with any damage W..
117 SEK
Description :Bamboo Charcoal Activated Carbon Air Freshener Odor Deodorant Put this charcoal in the room, it can purify the air, absorb the bad smell, and if you put it near the PC, it can help protect you from the radiation. Also, it can control humidity , release anion, promote the blood circulati..
123 SEK
 Description :Beatles Vacuum Cleaner Mini Desktop Mini Vacuum CleanerWide range of applications : easy to complete the office desktop, the furniture surface, around the students` work, computer keyboards, car seat, etc. dust, clean; Strong suction : Use two batteries, small straight suction mo..
189 SEK
Description :Cartoon Cleaning Kitchen Office Car Use Absorbent Hand Dry Towel Tired of the toneless life? Make the change now.     This product Cartoon Cleaning Kitchen Office Car Use Absorbent Hand Dry Towel  Absorb water well, dry things easily without leaving hair on it.  It can be widely used in..
89 SEK
Note: This product is shipping with only single piece.           Colors are randomly shipping.Description: A great time saver. Flexible, size fits all. Powerful absorbent,easily clean. Perfect for dust, dirt,and pet hair. Made of chenille fiber,non-abrasive and never scratch your floors. Wearing thi..
106 SEK
Description: Brand new and high quality. Multifunctional. This Cleaning tool can be used for hookahs, pipe, water pipe & shisha. Very convenient and practical. Size: 8cm - 3.15inch.Package Included: 1 x 3 in 1 Pipe Cleaning Tool 1 x Leather Bag..
104 SEK
Description: EVA foam material,soft and comfortable, lightweight body. Very convenient to carry,always concerned about your health condition,such practical slippers we should prepare for themselves. When friends come home,you can prepare a few pairs,namely to facilitate the friend, but also facil..
73 SEK
Description: It is a good helper of household cleaning. Small, practical, turn on the switch can easily remove dust every corner. Put an end to the situation of the dust flying everywhere. Soft brush will not damage any of your swing accessories. Suitable for cleaning every corner of the color is Vi..
307 SEK
Feature: Brand new and high quality Cute,Eco-Friendly,convenient Cartoon and vertical design,makes your kitchen more beautifulDescription: Material: ABS+sponge Size: length 20cm(7.87in)   Sponge diameter: 4.5cm(1.77in)         Weight: 45g     Color: As picture shows(random when shipped)       Packag..
93 SEK
Description:New arrival and high quality microfiber Chenille towel, Kids cartoon towel, dish cloths, rags, dry hands cloth Hand Towel microfiber independent tree capillary design, strong moisture absorption and volatilization, easy to dry. The animal shapes increase towels fun, help children establi..
99 SEK
 Description: Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic Color: Refer to pictures Size: Stainless steel spring length 155 cm Brush Diameter: S18/L30 mmPackage Included: 1 X U Tube BrushFeatures: Made of high quality stainless steel spring that can be freely bent and will not become deformed. Double..
145 SEK
Descrition:This humanized reaching clamp can reach places where your hands can't touch. It can clamp irregular litters, stones, etc. It can pick up trash in garden or other places, help you grab the objects on top,also can be used by the disabled to solve the daily life problems,because it serves as..
145 SEK
Description :Japanese Style Bendable Multipurpose Convenient Cleaning Brush 1. Be made of PP and PE, healthy And environmental 2. Unique concave and convex surface design 3. Solid durable, can be arbitrarily curved 4. Color bright, beautiful and not fade 5. Peripherals hook, convenient and space-sav..
104 SEK
Description:Eco-friendly,  easy  to use; using  aluminum tube which is fastness and durable Multi-purpose,you can use it to clean the window, car window,ceramic tile and so on.Features & details: Usage: Glass Size:  40*20cm Material :PVC Color: Three kinds of color, randomly deliverpackage: 1x Glass..
139 SEK
Description:Magic Multifunctional Mini Cloth Dust Cleaner Brand new and high quality Made of villus and ABS plastic,easy to install and use Magic dust can remove the dust in the hidden place better, such as computer aperture, shutter, car interior, etc., can be further furniture in the gap, easy to ..
96 SEK
Description :Magnetic Window Wizard Double Side Glass Wiper Cleaner 100% brand new and high quantity. Cleans,dries and polishes both sides of the glass at the same time leaving the window streak free. Suitable for all double glazed windows. Its powerful internal magnets lock the two sides of the Wiz..
307 SEK
Description: Be made of micro fiber,the water regain is the normal's 7 times, Durability is the normal's 30 times. And have very strong adsorbability,antibacterial and bacteriostatic ability Easy to wash and dry quickly Wipe without hair and the water mark. No off-smellFeatures & details: Material: ..
102 SEK
Description :Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Pads Shark H2O Steam Mop PadReusable and washable pads for your H2O Steam Mop, can replace your used and worn-out pads. They fit perfectly onto your H2O Steam Mop -- (Replacement pads for the originals). Made of super absorbant microfiber (70% polyester and 3..
89 SEK
Description:Fast and easy to use. Designed to clean all types of blinds. Washable and Rust proof. Insert Mini-Blind Cleaner,one roller between each slat. Move Mini-Blind Cleaner baxk and forth to wipe blinds clean. Remove Mini-Blind Cleaner from blind.Features&details:Weight: 98g Color:show as..
114 SEK
Description:Multifunction Dust Floor Cleaning Mop Slipper Shoes Cover Used as flat mop mop cloth if you buy one piece, and can wear on foot if you buy a pair. 36-44 yards of shoes can be set on, very convenient, can also be used for chenille mop. Good water suction performance, convenient to clean S..
85 SEK
Description :Multifunctional Chenille Shoe Covers Clean Slippers Lazy Drag Mop Feature: Good water absorption: the absorbing power is 5 times greater than other textiles. Easily cleans your floor without the use of extra detergent when wet. The cleaning cloth easily lifts dust and even pet hair...
122 SEK
Mop shoes is available now from our US and UK warehouseFree shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business days Ship to Canada,Brazil in 7-10 days in US warehouse ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouseNote: Color are randomly shipping. The color may be different in one pair. Features: A grea..
123 SEK
Description :Plastic Glass Window Cleaner Squeegee Wiper Car Wash Brush Cleaning Tool This is a Durable and Multifuntional Cleaning Squeegee Wiper Washing Brush Tool, which is perfect for the the cleaning of tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors, shower doors, windows and ect. Using ergonomic design, curve..
106 SEK
Description :Practical Plastic Drain Pipe Cleaner Cleaning Tool Gadget Mini pipe cleaning tool, easy to operate, safe and dependable, to unblock sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, hairdressers shops, canteens. Be careful with the stabs in the two sides, please keep it away from kids. Eliminates the need ..
82 SEK
 Description: You can easily remove lint, crumbs, hair, dirt and so on with it! Easy to use with built-in fingers that you just need to Pick Up, Rinse, and Reuse. Rubber fingers can reach deep into carpets. You can use it on clothing, couches/sofa, comforters, carpets, car seats and so on. Heat-re..
211 SEK
Description: Why hotels always with bright windows and clean tables? Why oneself very hard also can not clean the window, please clean, people are very easy to wipe clean? Because, they use the special cleaning tools! Professional cleaning tool for cleaning companies and hotels must. Composition..
115 SEK
Description :Universal Computer Keyboard Cleaner Soft Gel PC Cleaning This is a Universal Clean Plastic Soft Rubber, which can  Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones and printers. Do not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action.Dust and dirt in..
110 SEK
Description : Wardrobe kitchen Drying Desiccant Exrantic Antihumidity Dehumidizier Wetting-out Agent Bags This is 3PCS a set a Drying Desiccant Bag, which is ferfect for Wardrobe, Saving box, Bookcase, Shoecae and etc. Made of calcium oxide matrial, it is good for Dehumidification and Deodorization,..
144 SEK
Description:Made of Natural Latex,water proof, protecting your hand and keep your hand warm when doing housework.38CM Lenghthen,Antiskid,you don't need to worry about geeting your sleeves wet or dirty.Effectively prevent the erosion of all kinds of detergent, take care of your hands. ..
123 SEK
Description: Brand new and high quality . Easy to use and wash,can be reused and environmental protection No water and vacuum cleaner, just turn the brush head to the side after sweeping , directly put dust into the hand, then put dust into the garbage bags, no dirty hands, cleaning more smoothly.Fe..
156 SEK
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