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Description : 100ML LED Color Changing Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Air Mist Purifier This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with 1.7 million ultrasonic vibrations per second is a aromatherapy nebulizer system that also ionizes essential oil molecules into the air using a heat-free d..
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Dear friend !~ This SKU is on promotion sales this MONTH !! Use the coupon air899 , you can enjoy extra $2 discount, for more special discount home goods, please click into the picture to view :) Wish you like them~ Thanks so much for your support !!~  Description :  110-220V Portable Nega..
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Description : 110-240V Portable Rechargeable Multifunctional Cooling LED Desk Fan Charming color and design, stylish and decent, not only a cooling fan but also a LED desk lamp + torch. The LED ring made up of 24 LED no splash screen light bead, bright but does not hurt your eyes.Features : 1. Ad..
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 Description :110V Household Anti-Mosquito White Cooling Ceiling Fan for BedSoft fan blade with low noise, cooling and comfortable wind. Separated ON/OFF switch let you easy to operate and safe control, With a hook design on the top you can hang it easily. The power cord is reach 5m, designed..
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Description :16oz multifunction Portable Blender Fruit Juicer Smoothie Maker Ice Crusher Features : 1. Made of PC material, environmentally friendly and harmless to your health. 2. The blender is truly portable and conveniently allows you to blend and drink from the same bottle. 3. At home or on the..
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Description : 2 In 1 Multifuntional Handheld Home Appliances Semi-automatic Swivel Sweeper Cordless Electric Robot Cleaner Sweeper And Mop   The 2 in 1 Sweeper & Mop combines a powerful rotating brush for picking up the mess, and a micro fiber pad to wipe the dirt.  The extended, lightwe..
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Description :220-240V 7 Speeds Adjustable Handheld Electric Egg Beater Specification : 7 speed control Simple and easy to use Easy to remove blades Easy to clean plastic body Full size powerful stainless steel beaters and dough hooks Voltage : 220-240V 50/60Hz Power : 180W Weight : 668g Material : ..
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Description :  AC 220V 50Hz Food Ozone Generator Water Air Sterilizer Ozone Purifier 400 mg/H Timing Function It is a kind of multifunctional disinfection&sterilization items by Ozone Generator, widely used as variety aspects in basic necessities of life including clothes, foods, housing and tra..
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 Description :  220V 7W Small Lake Green Energy-saving Fan Breeze Household Electric Mosquito Killer Mini Ceiling Cool Fan With 5 LeavesFeatures : 5 leaves blades design innovation, flexibility is strong, made of ABS high elastic material, and the wind is more soft, does not hurt the hands..
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Description :220V EU Plug Electric Steam Iron Steam Brush Adjustable Traveller Iron Small and exquisite appearance with novelty function. Convenient for use at home and while travelling. Superstrong steam in succession ensuring efficient pressing. Comes with two-way handle. Dry and wet use. Transpar..
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Description :Huxin 220V Ultra Quite Home Mini Table Cooling Fan Strong Wind Cooler This Ultra-quite table fan is small and cute, easy operation. It is super strong wind by advanced blast merchanism, at the same time, it is low niose, so you can enjoy the cooling fan in the quite atmosphere.Features ..
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Description :  LED  Night Blue Light Socket Type Mosquito Lamp Fly Insect And Cockroaches Trap Killer Zapper Features :   1. Small and portable, takes up little space, easy and convenient to carry. 2. Fit for bedroom, drawing room, restaurant, hotel, etc. 3. The shell is m..
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 Description :220VEU (or) 110VUS Electrical Mosquito Flying Insect Pest Killer Light LampThis electronic bug zapper utilizes a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects during the day or night to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination syste..
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Description :250ml Portable Electric Self Stirring Coffee Mug Automatic Mixing Tea Cup Are you still using a spoon to stir your coffee or tea? If so, you are out of fashion. Self stirring mug has already come out to help you stir your coffee and tea better. More evenly stirring, no spilling and no i..
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Description: Display temperature,humidity and time simultaneously Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value 12-hour/24-hour displaying system selectable oC/o F unit selectable Integral-hour alarm function Alarm function Clock & Calendar function (month and date ) Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging Temperatu..
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Description :3-Armed 560 570 630 650 760 770 Replacement Side Brush for iRobot Roomba 500/600/700 Series Can reaches deep into corners and edges to remove more dirt,dust and debris. Easy to remove and replace as part of routine maintenance. Compatible with iRobot Roomba 500 600 and 700 Series Vacuum..
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Description :  4-arm side brush for HEPA Neato BotVac 70e 750 85 80 Cleaner ReplacementFeatures :   When the sweeping machine are to be swept on the floor,this product can be as a brush which can sweep the wall and the floor easily.the sweeping machine will absorb the dust and clean the floor effect..
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Description: This thermometer takes both ear and forehead temperature in 1 second by measuring either the heat generated by the eardrum or the surface of the forehead , it also can take room temperature and has colck function. It has been developed for optimun comfort, ease and speed of use and us..
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Features: 1.A must have for your summers. 2.The smallest and lightest yet most powerful USB desk fan you could find out 3.Plug it into the USB port of your laptop or desktop, and it begins to work. 4.Enjoy coolness while you're surfing the internet, listening to music, playing games,etc. 5.High qual..
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Description :6 Inches Heater Fans Small Electric Heater Fan Desktop Heater Honeycomb of the reflecting cover makes it heat rapidly. Adjustable design is very convenient for using. Dual switch is easier to control the heat temperture. Dim light design avoids harming eyes. It's small and portable that..
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Description :  AC 220V 1200-2000W  White Portable Dual-purpose Warmer & Cooler Fan Home Electric Three Gears Mini Cool/warm/Hot Fan   Features :  Excellent thermal control and saving energy features, low thermal inertia without open flame. Professional PTC ceramic heating elements design, a..
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Aquarium LCD Digital Thermometer Fish Tank Water Digital ThermometerDescription: Modeling simple, elegant, LCD panels inline connections, moisture-resistant, strong anti-interference, applies to refrigerated cabinets, display counters and other needs of temperature measurement and display of variou..
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Description :Automatic Thermostat Travel Iron with Temperature Control Function Mini Temperature Iron is used to iron your clothes to keep them as original ones.With automatic thermostat setting, the guidance temperature can be precisely adjustable below 150℃ / 302°F. The mirror is specially dealt w..
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Description: This is a great, brand new indoor / outdoor thermometer hygrometer combination.                 The outdoor sensor comes on an about 6 ft (1.8m) long, thin wire.                              It can easily be routed through a window frame to measure outdoor conditions.               ..
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Description :  QL-2008 Blue Genius Super Mini Handsfree Home Telephone With Head Phone Microphone Brand new and high quality,  pretty design handfree mini phone. Handsfree kit with an included Microphone headphone, no need to pick up any telephone handset again in chatting, fully enjoy h..
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Description : Bristle Brush + Flexible Beater Brush For Irobot Roomba 600/700 Series This is a high quality bristle & beater brush combo Pack designed to fit iRobot Roomba 600, 700 Series. Combo Pack includes 1 Bristle Brush and 1 Flexible Beater Brush. Replacing your brushes brings your Roomba back..
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Description :Broadlink RM2 Pro Smart Home Automation Phone Wireless Remote Control Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc,not support remote wall switch,not support Electric curtains and so on.     Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencie (support remote wall switch,sup..
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Description :  Damp Moisture Absorber Egg Dehumidifiers Dehumifiying Home Air Dryer The  Moisture Abosorber Egg Dehumidifier looks cute and  contains large amount  of drying desicant grains , which is designed for preventing mildew and preserving dryness for areas such as bedrooms, bathroom, close..
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 Description : DC12V 5W Plastic 3 Leaves Brushless Converter Motor Ceiling Fan Battery Storage Street Car Ceiling Fans  Specification :Power : 5W Voltage : DC12V  It is forbidden to access 110-220V AC Power cord length : 2.5 m Fan diameter : 500 mmMaterial : Plastic Function : For C..
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Description :Dehumidify Disinfector Deodorizer Shoees Heater Electric Shoe Dryer Feature : Exterior design upgrades, and more conducive to the shoes and the hot air circulation, better heat dissipation, faster drying sterilization. Ultraviolet disinfection technology thoroughly to kill shoe's bacter..
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Description : White LED Lamp Heater Dehumidify Disinfector Deodorizer Shoe Warmer Electric Shoe DryerIf i got my shoes wet when outdoor exercise, what should i do? If i got my shoes wet after doing exercise such as playing basketball, what should i do?   If i can't feel my leg wa..
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 Description :  Delicate Classic Wood Brown Copper Wall Land Line Telephone Home Phone With Special Telephone Cord Connection Cable  This kind of landline phone comes with light weight, It is very easy and portable to use. The phone adopts the advanced noise-filtering technology, which also ha..
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Feature: Multi-function Low power consumption High stability & accuracy Memory of last measuring valueDescription: 1. In and out temperature measuring 2. Display temperature and humidity simultaneously 3. MIN and MAX value recording 4. Comfortable degree symbol 5. °C/°F unit selectable ..
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Thermo-Humidity Meter is available now from our US and UK warehouse Free shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business days ship to Other European countries in 7-10 days Digital LCD Alarm Thermometer Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter Introduction: This Digital Thermometer is characterized by its LC..
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Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Tank Marine Water Thermometer Features: This is a Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Tank Marine Water Thermometer. LCD screen, easy reading High quality suction base, easy to install With long sensor cable: 1M Can switch °C / °F Power: 1 x LR44 button battery Measuring range: -50°C..
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Description : Doboly D610 Unilateral Headset Phone Earphones Pantelephone Phone  Features : 1. Clear and distinguishable for speech sound 2. FSK/DTMF dual system auto switch 3. 62 Group Caller ID message memories 4. 16 Group outgoing message memories 5. 3 Group one-touch dialing memorie..
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Description :  25W Sky Blue Fashion Double Mist Outlet Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Air Humidifier For Home&Office etcFutures :Dual-core humidification : Dual-core which can speed to wet, instantly hydrating fine. Sextuple purification : Sixtuple fully effect to purify, thorough sterilization and ..
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Now it only needs $34.89 !!  Original price : $ 45.89 Decription :2014 New Arrival DIY Dual-side Cartoon Pan Maker Fully Automatic Multi-function Cartoon Shape Cake Machine Free Shipping  Easy to use, even though you are a beginner, you can also make a delicious pan cake for your loving family. Cos ..
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Description : E-LORD MT-899 Black Grid LED Ultraviolet Lamps Flies Killer Electric Mosquito Dispeller  E-LORD MT-899 Mosquitoes dispeller, it is a hanging design, 100% brand new to adopt LED ultraviolet lamp to kill mosquito or other pests(fly) in you home, there are some features that life is..
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Description :Efficient Photocatalyst Mosquito Repellent Catcher Trap LED LampFeatures: Brand new and high quality, Detachable protection net, protect children from getting an electric shock and convenient to clean. Power on the LED mosquito lamp, the lights will attract many pests like mosquitoes,..
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 Description :Electric Automatic Safety Battery-Operated Handheld ScissorsLightweight, portable, and easy to use, this pair of electric scissors makes a nice addition to any crafter's collection of tools.The unit's comfortable handle ensures a secure hold, while its sharp cutting edge works ..
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Description :  Electric DIY Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine Spun Sugar Processor Best Gift For ChildrenDo you still remember when you a child, a sample DIY candy is your most favor ? Yes, Bazaargadgets don't have a time machine, but we have this SKU to help you taste the sweet memory again :) The..
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 Description :  Electric Shoe Dryer With Heater Dehumidify Disinfector Deodorizer Shoe Warmer Care Tools Wiht LED Lamp    This is a pair of mini electric shoe dryer. Low power consumption and economical. It removes moisture inside the shoe and eliminates the growth of bacteria.Great for hi..
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Description :Electric Vac Vacuum Cordless Ear Cleaner Wax Remover Earpick Features : 1. Help to clean the fluid and soft wax after bath or swimming. 2. The ear vacuum cleaner gentlely draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear, which is powerful yet gentle. 3. Remove wax without injury. 4. Qu..
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Description :  Shinee QH-1000H Black Electric Machine Portable Infrared Heater Room&Hand WarmerElectrical Machine Portable Warm Heater Room&Hand Winter WarmerFeatures :   Highly efficient Quartz Heating Pipe with the long service life, quickly heat and can be adjustable at both 450W and 900W (o..
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Description :  Electronic Photocatalyst Flying Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp   Features : Brand new and high quality Great for use in bed-room , hall , hotel , office , chicken farm and garden No poisons, no smelly , and no harmful chemicals , cleanliness and health Low power consumption , high an..
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Description :Electronic Rat Trap Mice Mouse Killer Zapper BoxThis product is  Designed  with Compact cage-unit can fit almost anywhere a rat can! Delivers high voltage electronic shock to kill rat, nonpoisonous, safe and reliable.Easy operation, plug and play. Easy to clean the chamber design. Se..
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Description :Electronic Ultrasonic Mosquito Mouse Pest Control Repeller Bug Scare Features : It applies to the places which could not use poison bait and pesticide, like foods depots, drug depots, granary and etc. This repeller can be plug directly at AC power socket. To increase the effect, We rec..
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Description :Electronic Ultrasonic Mouse Mosquito Insect Rodent Repeller This machine will have great effect in 50-80 square metersthe best results is 60 square meters, and great for each room to install one. This machine can lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, cricket, ant, woo..
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Description : Electrostatic Clothing Lint Remover Brush Sweeper Pets Hairs Sweeper Dust Remover Do you still worry about the pet hair, dust, dryer lint, knitting wool or something else on your clothes before hanging out? This product will sovle the problem for you by low cost. Can clean l..
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 Description : Fashion Household Mini Portable Bladeless Fan No Leaf USB Small Fan Features :USB battery dual-use mini fan More safety and convenient Cute portable and use the environmentally materials Special design and easy to clean Keep the air humidity, suitable for office, home The min..
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Descroption : Huxin Folding Mini USB Table Desk Fan Cooler For Computer Car Home This USB Cooling Fan do not need for any installation, simply plug into your USB port and it will auto start working.As a USB power fan, it provide you acceptable strong wind but work in low noise, provides you with co..
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 Description :Adjustable Handheld Black Mellow Cooling Fan USB / Battery Power with Landyard Easy CarryFashion design and business style, with landyard hanging on chest and easy to take every where. Comfortable grip feeling as it has an elegant and mellow design, with the wheel on the body it ..
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 Description  : Handheld convenient Multifunction electric iron portable cleaner electric iron Steam dry brushSpecificiation  :    Brand new and high quality Electric iron steam brush iron on the basis of traditional updated, an increase of more than functional, modern life is a good helper in eac..
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Description : Handheld Ultrasonic  Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser The Handheld Ultrasonic Humidifier is Not only a humidifier it is an exquisite furnishing articles. Using the most advanced seamless docking technology,  make the water tank and the base perfect combination, Firmly hold water..
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Description :Hesunse 16A Special Socket Panel for Large Power Appliance This 16A socket is large space design, Adopt the retardant PC, protect the kids from electric shock, safe to use. Suitable for water heater, air conditioner etc that consume large power.Speciffication : Panel Material : PC Rated..
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Description : HM-2016 Electric Heating Lunch Box 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker for 1-2 person Schools offices hospitals Traveller etcFeatures :   Brand : Raccoon Model : HM-2016The working principle : Using the principle of steam, Add water at the bottom, The machine work, Uncooked food steam..
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Description :  Household Appliances Useful Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier Steam Diffuser  Features : 100% Brand New and High Quality. Fashion design and exquisite beautiful. Automatic protection when without water, noiseless, power saving and durable. Oxygen fog make the air clean and wet, that goo..
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Description :  2014 New arrival Household Crepe Makers Convenient Thin Baking Electric Pan DIY Cake Pizza makers Free ShippingSpecification :   Function : Non-Stick Coating, Shallow Oil Fry, Bake Net wight : 0.680kg, super light and save labourMaterial of Plate : Non-stick Cookware Baking pan ..
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Description :  Multifunctional Stainless Steel Household Kitchen Powder Ultrafine Grinding Machine Coffee Mill Grinder  Stainless steel wrap housing material and lip, stainless steel cup type vessel with transparent PC top, safety locking lid, adopts Full Copper type motor whose rotating speed i..
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