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1 Bag 50 Seed Organic Strawberry Fragaria ananassa Delicious Fruits

Main specialty: Perennial herb densely clustered with more straight branches.15-25c..

74 SEK

100 PCS Chile Salpiglossis Sinuate Seed Morning Glory Seeds

Feature:Annuals. Stems erect, slightly branched. Long oval leaves lanceolat..

140 SEK

100 Red Corn Poppy Papaver Rhoeas Garden Flower Seeds

Description: Name : Corn Poppy Scientific Name : Papaver rhoeas A biennial herb, petal..

77 SEK

10000pcs Tall Fescue Grass Seeds Garden Ideal Lawn

Feature: Tall fescue grass, whose scientific name is Festuca arundinacea,is a cool-sea..

94 SEK

1000pcs Foxglove Seeds Mixed Assorted Colors Digitalis Flower Seed

Description: Foxgloves, in the genus of Digitalis, is native to western and southweste..

79 SEK

1000pcs Mentha Viridis Seeds Mint Spearmint Spicata Peppermint

 Description: The growth condition of Mentha Viridis: Mentha Viridis has good adaptability to the ..

108 SEK

1000Pcs Showy Pink Evening Primrose Oenothera Odorata Flower Seeds

Description: Evening primrose is low plant. It grows strong and very drought-tolerant...

79 SEK

1000pcs Tall Blue Cornflower Seed Centaurea Cyanus Flower Garden

Description: Bachelor buttons are easy to grow from seeds outdoors.Sow in spring,1 to ..

96 SEK

100Pcs 6 Color Strawberry Seeds Vegetables Fruits Seeds

DescriptionAvailable Type: Black / White / Yellow / Green / Blue / RedMany di..

81 SEK

100pcs Adromischus Marianae Seeds Garden Succulent Plants Potting Gardening Sold Out

100pcs Adromischus Marianae Seeds Garden Succulent Plants Potting

 Description: Scientific Name: Adromischus marianae Growth temperature: 10-30℃ Germination period:..

82 SEK

100pcs Allium Giganteum Seeds Purple Plant DIY Home Garden

100pcs Garden Purple Allium Giganteum Seeds Allium Giganteum language means that&nb..

140 SEK

100PCS Chinese Cabbage Seeds Garden Organic Vegetable Seed

Vegetable Description: 1. Cabbage is rich in crude fiber, not o..

81 SEK

100pcs Crassula Portulacea Seeds Garden Succulent Plants Potting

Description: Scientific Name: Crassula portulacea Growth temperature: 18-24℃ Germinati..

86 SEK

100pcs Dark Basil Purple Basilicum Ocimum Herb Seeds Garden

Description: This Basil has a wonderful perfumed scent. It has a medium flavor that go..

79 SEK

100PCS Dwarf Blue Curled Kale Seed Garden Organic Vegetable Seeds

Description: 1. Dwarf blue curled kale is a great source of vitamins A, C, K..

79 SEK

100pcs Fenestraria Aurantiaca Seeds Garden Succulent Plants Potting

Description: Scientific Name: Fenestraria aurantiaca Growth temperature: 20-30℃ Germin..

86 SEK

100pcs Garden Vegetable Spinach Seeds Annual Herbaceous Plant

Description: An edible flowering plant in the family of Amaranthaceae An annual plant ..

79 SEK

100pcs Giant Yellow Onion Seeds Allium Cepa Vegetable

Description: Biennial or perennial plant, supplied in four seasons. The parts for edib..

89 SEK

100pcs Green Rare Rocket Salad Herb Arugula Vegetable Seeds

Planting Methods:1.Arugula rapid growth, should choose fertile, loose soil to fa..

76 SEK

100pcs Mixed Color Cockscomb Celosia Cristata Flower Seeds

Feature: Sowing season: Four seasons Flowering season: Spring Summer Autumn Growth opt..

78 SEK

100pcs Mixed Colors Dwaft Petunia Flower Seeds Calibrachoa

Description:Petunia is originated from South American. This popular flower of..

71 SEK

100Pcs Mixed Colors Iceland Poppy Papaver Nudicaule Flower Seeds

Planting Methods: Germination temperature of 18-20 ℃, the casing and the need to pay a..

83 SEK

100pcs Mixed Petunia Hybrida Garden Potting Flower Seeds

Descrbition: Type: Annual Growth Rate: Average Exposure: Partial sun to full sun, or P..

84 SEK

100PCS Organic Broccoli Seed Home Vegetable Garden Seed

Description: 1. Broccoli contains the compound glucoraphanin. 2. Broccol..

79 SEK

100PCS Provence Lavender Seeds Garden Aromatic Plant

Flower Description: 1. Lavender is annual herb, plant height is 30 to ..

76 SEK

100pcs Purslane Seeds Portulaca Purslane Moss Rose Pigweed Flower

 Descriptions:A hardy winter green salad crop, good flavour, high in minerals and vitamins.Ind..

87 SEK

100PCS Rare Herb Chamomile Seeds

Description:Name:  ChamomileColor: White + Yellow Origin: EuropeHeight ..

84 SEK

100pcs Red Onion Seeds Allium Cepa Tasty Vegetable

Description: Biennial or perennial plant, supplied in four seasons. The parts for edib..

77 SEK

100PCS Vanilla Parsley Coriander Seeds Garden Vegetable Seeds

Description: Name: CorianderSowing temperature: 18℃-25℃ Growing temperature..

79 SEK

10Pcs Apollo Bowl Lotus Seeds

Description: 1. Name:  10Pcs Apollo Bowl Lotus Seeds 2. Color: As pictures 3. Quanlity..

87 SEK

10PCS Black Eyed Susan Vine Thunbergia Alata Seeds

Description: Scientific name: Black Eyed Susan Vine Other common name: Thunbergia Alat..

91 SEK

10pcs Black Mulberry Fruit Courtyard Garden Plant Seeds

Description: Color:Black Weight:4.8g Germination rate: 95% Light Requirements: Full Su..

71 SEK

10pcs Blackberry Yellow Raspberries Fruit Raspberry Seeds 2 Colors

Feature: Fruit has a unique fragrance and natural pigment, sugar content similar with ..

72 SEK

10PCS Blue Clivia Agapanthus Africamus Outdoor Plant

Description: Name: Agapanthus Africamus Color: Blue Grow temperature: 15-28℃ Full-blos..

97 SEK

10PCS Brandywine Tomato Seeds Garden Fruit Vegetable Seeds

Specifications:Breed: TomatoCategory: Fruit seedsFruit name: Brandywine ..

82 SEK

10Pcs Bright Pearl Lotus Seeds

Description: 1. Name:  10Pcs Bright Pearl Lotus Seeds 2. Color: Bright Pearl 3. Quanli..

87 SEK

10PCS Cantaloupe Melon Cucumis Melo Organic Heirloom Fruit Seeds

Descriptions:If planting directly outdoors plant 6-8 seeds per hill and space 4-..

76 SEK

10pcs Cassabanana Seeds Garden Edible Perennial Plants

10pcs Cassabanana Seeds Garden Edible Perennial Plants Can be eaten raw, also can be a..

74 SEK

10PCS Clivia nobilis Lindl Seeds Indoor Plant

Description: Name: Clivia nobilis Lindl Color: Orange Grow temperature: 15~20℃        ..

94 SEK

10pcs Colorful Rose Flower Seeds

Sowing:1. Put seeds into 40° C water at first, no need to keep the degree at 40° C..

91 SEK

10PCS Crassula Nemorosa Seed Anti-radiation Succulent Plant

Description: Name: Crassula Nemorosa  Color: Grass green Shape: Heart-shape Sowi..

86 SEK

10PCS Dichondra Micrantha Urban Seed Hanging Plants

Description: Name: Dumbell dichoudra Scientific name: Dichondra Micrantha Urban Color:..

87 SEK

10PCS European Capparis Spinosa Seed Spice Plant

Description: Scientific name: Capparis Spinosa Common Name: Caper Bush Flower color: W..

87 SEK

10Pcs Fingered Citron Avalokitesvara Lotus Seeds

Description: 1. Name:  10Pcs Fingered Citron Lotus Seeds 2. Color: As pictures 3. ..

98 SEK

10Pcs Flammule Lotus Seeds

Description: 1. Name:  10Pcs Flammule Lotus Seeds 2. Color: Flammule 3. Quanlity: ..

109 SEK

10pcs Gardenia Cape Jasmine Flower Jasmine Gardenia Seed

Feature: Gardenia evergreen leaves, flowers fragrant and elegant, leafy white, excepti..

75 SEK

10pcs Giant Red Spicy Chili Pepper Seed Garden Vegetable

10pcs Giant Spicy Chili Pepper Seeds Easy to grow. Harvest the largest chili plants yo..

71 SEK

10PCS Gold Loofah Seeds Exotic Vegetables Seed

Description: Name: Gold Loofah Color: Golden Weight of seed: 10g Height of plant: 65cm..

82 SEK

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