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"Christmas family'' Kids Educational toy Finger Puppet Plush Story 6 PCS Description Set up your own little puppet show for your infant with these cute puppets which feature a Christmas family peppets. Just don these cute wood cum cloth dolls on your fingers and tell your baby the story you..
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Description: Material:Bamboo Charcoal Taste:Tasteless The product is made of bamboo charcoal kilned at high temperature by scientific methods, can absorb the sweat, removing shoes taste, make the shoes keep fresh and clean.Size:17cmx8cm Package included:1 * 1 pair of Shoe PlugNotice: Random Deliver..
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-1.5 to -8.00 Myopic Anti-fog Swimming Goggle Glasses UV ProtectionSpecifications: Lens Material: Polycarbonate Seal around: Silicone Belt Material:Silicone Frame: Polycarbonate Belt Size: Adjustable free Frame Size:18.5cm Color:Black&Red&White Myopic degree :-1.5,-2.0,-2.5,-3.0,-3.5,-4.0,-4.5,-5.0,..
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Description : -1999mV to 1999mV Pen-type Redox Tester Pool Aquarium ORP Meter Backlight LCD This ORP meter is a pen-type device to measure the amount of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) level in sample quickly and conveniently. ORP is a tendency of the solution to either gain or lose ele..
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Description :-20℃ ~ 50℃ Wall-mounted Measure temperature humidity Meter Specification : Temperature Range : -20℃~50℃ Humidity Range : 10%RH~90%RH Temperature Error : 25℃ ± 2℃ Humidity Error : 75%RH ± 7%RH Nice for : Home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, meeting rooms, factories, shopping malls, w..
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Description :-30~40 Degree Pointer Display Fridge Temperature Thermometer Dial Specification : Color : Orange, Red, White Diameter : 6.2CM . Measuring range : -30℃~+40℃ Distinguish : 0.1 ℃ Accuracy : ±1.5 ℃ Different Color remind : ( Blue : Cold ) ( Green : Comforable ) (Red : Hot) High quality po..
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-50-110 DC12V Cool Heat Temp Temperature Control Switch is available now from our US and UK warehouseFree shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business daysship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days in US warehouse ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouse -50-110 DC12V Cool Heat Temp Temperature C..
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Description : -55 ~ 125 Degree Red LED Digital Temperature Meter Sensor It could be used in many harsh application, such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, aquarium and so on. With DC7-30V power range, you could power it with 12V DC. When out of range, the meter will display E2. This Thermometer c..
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Description.22.223 cal.5.56mm Bore Snake Cleaner Caliber Gun Rifle Cleaning Tool A bore snake is a tool used to clean the inside (bore) of the barrel of a gun. It resembles a short section of rope with a smaller, weighted cord attached to one end to help feed the bore snake through the barrel. Craft..
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Description :0 to 10x0.1mm Round Dial Thickness Gauge Measurement Tool Measuring Range : 0-10mm Accuracy : 0.1mm Material : Metal, Plastic Size : 4 x 1.3 x 7.5cm/ 1.6" x 0.5" x 2.9"(L*W*H) Main Color : Silver Tone Weight : 106gLight weight, easy to use. Works fine, the measurement precision.Pa..
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Description :  Digital Thickness Gauge Meter Tester Micrometer 0 to 12.7mmSpecification :   Range : 0-12.7 mm/5 inch Accuracy : 0.01mm/0.0005 inch Suitable for measuring all knobs of paper, leather, film thickness Power by 1 x SR44/LR44 with work voltage 1.5 V Dimensions : 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.3cmPackage I..
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Description : 0-12.7mm/0.5inch 0.01mm Digital Dial Indicator Electronic Dial GaugeFeatures : 1. Zero setting at any position. 2. "on/off" button. 3. Metric/inch system interchange at any position. 4. With data output interface.  Specification : Resolution : 0. 01mm/0. 0005" Measurin..
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Description : 0-12.7mm/0.5inch 0.01mm/0.001inch Digital Dial Indicator Electronic Dial GaugeFeatures :  1. zero setting at any position. 2. "on/off" button. 3. Metric/inch system interchange at any position. 4. With data output interface.Specification :  Resolution : 0. 01mm/0. 0005" Me..
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1-12M Baby Nursing Pillow Child Car Seat Neck Head Back Protection Feature: 1. U perfect joint neck structure design, 360 - degree circular seamless support head weight, reduce the pressure of the spine, users do not need to change positions, don't trust in others, sit to also can enter the dreamla..
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0-140 PSI Blue Fuel Pressure Regulator Adjustable Pressure Gauge Features: High quality, durable Manage your fuel system requirements, increase fuel delivery by rasing pressure Adjustable 0-140 PSI(0-10kg/cm2) for maximum fuel pump capacity Clear fuel pressure reading Include installing hardwares an..
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0-140 PSI Gold Fuel Pressure Regulator Adjustable Pressure Gauge Features: High quality, durable Manage your fuel system requirements, increase fuel delivery by rasing pressure Adjustable 0-140 PSI(0-10kg/cm2) for maximum fuel pump capacity Clear fuel pressure reading Include installing hardwares an..
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Hole saw size adjustable: 0-14mm. High quality steel with super hardness. Slip-resistant designed handle and optimal shaped drill for comfortable grip and easy operation. Compact and portable design. Also ideal for electricians, plumbers and heating engineers, carpenters, etc. Especially suitab..
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Description : 0-150mm 6 inch Mini Plastic Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer Measuring Tool Color Deliver Randomly This is kind of ABS plastic mini vernier caliper, which is 6 inch and can used for 0-150mm measuring occassion, quiet handy and comfortable to use it, what's more, it is cheaper but ..
103 SEK
Description :0-150mm Vernier Caliper Gauge Measuring Tool with Dial Millimeter Thickness MeterFeatures : This is kind of ABS plastic mini vernier caliper, which can used for 0-150mm measuring occasion, quiet handy and comfortable to use it, what's more, it is with a clock, tell measurement directly..
280 SEK
Description: 0-20mm Manual Welding Seam Gauge Weld Inspection Gauge CaliperSpecification: Material: Stainless Steel Measuring range: 0-20 mm Resolution: 0.02 mm Accuracy: ±0.5mm Angle: 60°, 70°, 80°,90° Weight: 100G Package: Black Leather Pouch Scope: Suitable for inspect flat welded seams and corne..
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Description : 0-225 Degree 400mm/16inch Digital Protractor Angle Finder with Scale This digital inclinometer is a innovative tool that provides digital reading between 0-225 degree angles.  Thumb-screw locks down the pivot when needed to prevent movement of the measured angle. Two spirit ..
616 SEK
Description :0-25mm 0.01mm Metric Diameter Micrometer Gauge Caliper Tool Nice measure tool in tiny price, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures for easy reading.Excellent for making precise measurements. And it also can be a good teaching aid tool in engineering and technical schools...
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Description :0-300 ℃ Stainless Steel Oven Temperature Thermometer Gauge Dial Features : The Oven Thermometer measures your oven temperature to insure that all of your food is cooked to perfection. Durable Premium grade stainless steel Oven and dishwasher safe Hanger and stand Attaches to shelf or r..
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0-30V 2mA - 3A Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply DIY Kit Short Circuit Current Limiting Protection English manual: Description: This circuit voltage can be from 0 v, output current can be ma from 2 to 3 a continuously adjustabl..
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0-40°C Aquarium Suction Cup Submersible Oval Shape Dial Index Thermometer Features: Fits: Aquarium, other water activities Waterproof Oval shape, beautiful design Easy to install Let you know the temperature in the water everytime Temperature range: 0-40°C Size :6.6 x 6mm Weight: 23gPackage included..
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Feature: ●Decorate your aquarium and make it more vivid and alive with the set of shipwrecks aquarium ornament●The set of shipwrecks aquarium ornament is made friendly materials and ideal for any fresh or salt water to attract fish.    Just place it in your aquarium.●Provides aeration for a healthy ..
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Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper - Measure Body Fat - White  is available now from our US  warehouse Free shipping to US  in 3-6 business days ship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days Description : 0-80mm Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper Measure Body Fat TesterFeatures : The Slim Guide skinfold caliper is th..
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Feature: ●Decorate your aquarium and make it more vivid and alive with the set of shipwrecks aquarium ornament●The set of shipwrecks aquarium ornament is made friendly materials and ideal for any fresh or salt water to attract fish. Just place it in your aquarium.●Provides aeration for a healthy aqu..
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Features:6 different weighing modes "Tare" button – weigh items in a container – the tare button will subtract the container weight from the total reading Spacious weighing platform Backlit LCD screen 3 minute auto power off saves battery life Low battery alarm Cover and pouch protect scales when no..
477 SEK
Features: 100% Brand  New. Weight: 96g(with accessories) Color:  Sliver Size:  11.5cm(L) x 6.5cm(W) x 2.1cm(H) Power  supply: 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries (Not  included) Capacity  of the scale: 0.001g to 10g 4  Weighing Modes: CT/ DWT/ G/ GN "Add up"  button allows you to add the total  of a number of se..
327 SEK
Description :0.01 - 200g LCD Display Digital Pocket Weigh Scale Balance Features : Occupy little space and weight. Easy to be used. 1 minutes of auto power off. 7 weighing units, including G, OZ, CT, GN Well-read display with white backlight. Tare function. Automatic alarm by low battery.Specificat..
221 SEK
Description :0.01-100g LCD Display Digital Pocket Weigh Scale Balance Large stainless steel weighing platform & protective lid Tare / Zero Function Black with a stainless steel weighing platform & backlit display They boast extreme accuracy, ease of use & reliabilityIdeal for weighing small precious..
254 SEK
Description : 0.01g-200g Pocket Digital LCD Weighing Scale Balance SteelyardFeatures : With green backlight. small, lightweight, and portable, a really nice weighing scale :) Auto calibration and 30 seconds auto off.Specification :  Maximum Precision Scale : 200g Minimum Precision Scale..
189 SEK
Description :0.01mm 0-150mm IP54 Waterproof Digital Vernier Caliper Measuring tool Hardened stainless steel main scale and measuring jaws knurled locking screw for more convenient measurement and reading Relative/absolute measurement interchange at any position(ABS function) Higher quality glass fix..
789 SEK
Description :0.01mm 0-150mm IP54 Waterproof Digital Vernier Caliper Measuring tool Hardened stainless steel main scale and measuring jaw. It is made of hardened stainless steel material and relative measurement Zero-setting at any position mm/inch measurement system conversion IP54 waterproof. its c..
688 SEK
Description : 0.01mm Precision Tool Accuracy Measurement Instrument Dial Indicator Gauge  Features : Used to measure shaft runout, shaft thrust, gear backlash. Simple structure, convenient use and maintenance. High sensitivity, stable and reliable in accuracy.Specification : Material ..
207 SEK
Description :0.01mm Accurancy Measurement Instrument Graduated Dial Gauge Indicator GageBrand new and high quality stainless steel. Hard chrome-plated stem, precision ground and lapped. With good wear resistance and anti rust properties. Easy-to-read crisp graduations.Simple structure, convenient..
257 SEK
 Description :0.038 to 0.889mm 32 Blade Feeler Gauge Thickness Gap Metric Filler GaugeNeat fold away configuration. Ideal for measuring the metric gap between two items or parts. Could use on the reluctor air gap on electronic ignition systems where non-ferrous blades are required.32 Sizes D..
211 SEK
Description :0.1 - 500g LCD Display Digital Pocket Weigh Scale Balance Features : Small, lightest weight and highest performance, portable, can be hang. High accuracy and reliable. LCD display with blue back-lit, over-load indicator. Durable, with a protective cover. Multiple weighing modes (gram, c..
184 SEK
Description :0.1-1.5L Oxygen Air Flow Meter Gas Flow Weter With Copper Connector Specification : Connection type:hose 8mm Regulating valve:with valve Body material:PMMA Pressure:0.1Mpa Accuracy:four degree,0.5% Temperature:0-60 Float material:Agate ball Fitting  copper O-ring material:Silicon rubber..
265 SEK
Description : 0.1mm Copper Soldering Solder PPA Enamelled Reel Wire Roll 15m NewFeatures :  It can be used to connect Fly line(Jump wire) for computer and mobile phone motherboard repair. No need to remove the lacquer, welding directly.1 roll of 0.1mm Enamelled wire. Material : Copper Diameter : 0..
85 SEK
  Compatibility For Samsung                                                Compatible Model Galaxy A30 2019/Galaxy A50 2019   Screen Protector Function Scratch Resistant, Explosion Proof   Screen Protector Feature 0.1mm Thickn..
331 SEK
Description :0.2-3mm² Mini Adjustable Cable Wire Stripper Crimper Cutter Stripping ToolFeatures : High quality and brand new Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter For single or multiple cables section 0.2-3mm² self adjustive on damage to the inner score Light and handyPackage included : 1 X  Automati..
136 SEK
Description : 0.25-6mm2 Terminal Crimping Tool Bootlace Ferrule Crimper Wire End Cord End Lug AWG24-10Features :  Electrical Connectors are an important accessories in our electrical work, and this is a convenient tool for your crimping ! It have Self-Adjusting adaptation to your desire wi..
674 SEK
  Compatibility For Samsung                                                                   Compatible Model Galaxy S9   Screen Protector Function Scratch Resistant, Explosionproof, Fingerprint Resistant   Screen Protector Fea..
417 SEK
0.28 Inch 2.5V-30V Mini Digital Voltmeter Voltage Tester MeterFeature: Detection voltage: DC2.5V ~ 30V Working current:..
112 SEK
0.28mm Hotline Games Performance Competition Mouse Feet for Steel series Xai/Sensei/Raw Zero friction series from Huoxian technology are specially designed for professional gamers. The unique material guarantees that the coefficient of static friction and gliding friction are almost the same, which ..
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0.2mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Assembled Kit 1.75mm 3mm Two Distance The Bowden principle: The Bowden cable lets you reduce the moving mass of the extruder and thus allowing faster controlled motion, less shaking of your machine, less energy use and importantly: faster printing! Normall..
431 SEK
0.2mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Kit With Heat Wire Assembled 1.75mm 3mm Two DistanceFeature: Size: Total length 89mm Material: Metal Weight: 80g Extrusion nozzle: 0.2mm Print Material: 3.0mm and 1.75mm consumables (materials, including: ABS, PLA, pvc, wood, etc.). Heating tube: Default v..
431 SEK
Description :0.2mm Tool V-shape Carbide PCB Board Engraving Bits CNC Router Specification : Type : Flat bottom engraving bits Shape : V-shape Degree : 30° Material : Tungsten steel Shank diameter : 3.175mm Cutting edge diameter : 0.2mm Total length : about 32mmSuitable Materials :   Nylon, Resin, A..
201 SEK
Descritption:0.2W White/Warm White Mini USB Mobile Power Camping LED Light Lamp Then a magical mini LED lights, we use the latest fingerprint technology, will be able to use your fingers to achieve control of LED lights, LED lights this compact and lightweight, environmentally friendly power,  the..
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Airbrush Tattoo Nail Tool is available now from our US and UK warehouseFree shipping to  UK in 3-6 business days ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouse  Description: Color: As Show In The Picture Size: 0.3mm,0.5mm Fluid cup capactity: 7cc Airbrush Length: app 15cm Weight: About 287g..
400 SEK
Product Features: 0.33mm Ultrathin Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector for iPad Air  1.Tempered Glass Anti-scratch for Apple IPAD Air 5th Gen / IPAD 5(Hardness: 9H), 0.33mm. 2.Easy to install and remove (Bubble-Free / No Residue). 3.High definition transparency film that ens..
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0.35mm Tail motor enameled wire for Walkera MINI CP WLtoys V977 V931 Description: Wire Diameter: 0.35mm Color: Red and Yellow Core of Conductor: Fine Copper Lenght of Wire: 1m RC helicopter Parts: Connectors/Wiring Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys For : Walkera MINI CP WLtoys V977 V931Package Inc..
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0.36 Inch Digital DC 3.3-30V Voltmeter LED Voltage Meter Features: Three digit LED 0.36inch Not directly exposed to ultraviolet The voltage meter can be used for various voltage testing purposes, with reverse connection protection functionSpecification: Measuring range: 3.3 - 30V The frequency of up..
108 SEK
0.36 Inch Digital Voltmeter 0 - 200V Voltage Meter Gauge LED Panel Meter 3 Wire Features: Update frequency: about 200msMeasurement range: 0-200V (Optional) Power range: 4-30V Measurement accuracy: 0.1% Storage temperature: -10 °C to +65 °C Operating current:..
124 SEK
voltmeter is available now from our  UK warehouse Free shipping to UK in 3-6 business days ship to Other European countries in 7-10 days 0.36 Inch Digital Voltmeter 3 - 30V Voltage Gauge LED Panel Meter 2 WireFeatures: Update frequency: about 200ms Measurement range: 3 - 30V Measurement accuracy: 1%..
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0.3M 720x480 Pixels Mini DV Camcorder Camera With TF Card Slot Black Up To 16GBDescription :Weight : 5.36 oz.Interface usb :  1.1 / 2.0Image pixel : about 0.34M Pixels.Dimensions : 2.31 in x 0.87 in x 0.79 inSupport :  micro SD/TF cards up to 16GB.Recording video : recording motion jpeg.Built-in 230..
233 SEK
0.3mL Conductive Silver Paint Wire Paste Grease For Electronics PCB RepairDescription: Color:silver Capacity:0.3mL Resistance Value:..
138 SEK
Description : 0.3ML Silver Conductive Wire Glue Paste for Electronics Repair Applications It's widely used in home supplies, (For example refrigerator, drinking machine, electromagnetic oven and electronic kettles etc.) electrical items (For example power, inventor, relay and SCR etc.) CPU in compu..
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